Coffee Farmer

Ana Liz

Let's meet Ana Liz, a vibrant soul shaping the landscape of the coffee industry, nurturing growth at Native Root Coffee and 23 de Mayo Coffee. Ana's journey started at a tender age, tying the knot at 16 and nurturing their coffee farm with boundless passion. Despite facing hurdles like transitioning to cattle farming, Ana's heart remained devoted to coffee. Today, Ana joyfully contributes over 2 tons of specialty coffee annually to both brands. Ana's warmth and wisdom infuse Native Root Coffee and 23 de Mayo Coffee with a unique spirit, embodying resilience and innovation in every cup.

Coffee farmer

Julieth Liz

Julieth is in charge of all the raw material processing: that is threshing, screening, and quality control at the farm. Plus she’s in charge of harvesting.

Coffee farmer Grower & Agronomic Engineer 

Jackie Liz

Jackie is an agronomic engineer and a Colombian coffee federation field technician. She uses her expertise to improve our farms’ crop yield and bean quality!

Coffee farmer

Isidro Liz

Meet Isidro, second-generation coffee farmers and key figures at Native Root Coffee and 23 de mayo coffee. Their journey began at a young age, marrying at 16 and swiftly expanding their coffee farm. Despite setbacks, including a transition to cattle farming, their passion for coffee endured. In 2017, his son initiative reignited their coffee venture. Today, they contribute over 2 tons of specialty coffee annually, embodying the heart and soul of Native Root coffee and 23 de mayo coffee

Coffee farmer 

Luz and Dilmer Muchicon 

Nasa indigenous coffee farmers from the Togoima reservation. They produce caturra and castillo coffees. Their farm is located at 1850 masl right on the central Andes mountain chain.

Coffee farmer

Alirio Andela 

Alirio A. He is a Nasa native coffee farmer from the Pillamu reservation. Currently Alirio is working on his new drying facility as well as learning the processes to get his already amazing coffee at an even higher quality level. Thank you Alirio for your trust and hard work

Coffee Farmer


Blanquita and her husband Reynel A. produce caturra coffees at the Pillamu indigenous reservation

Coffee farmer 

Luz and Misael Muse

Luz and Misael Muse. Luz and Misael are from the Nasa indigenous people of Colombia. Their farm is three hours away from the nearest road and it is located on a hill bordered on the north side by a one mile deep cliff.

Coffee farmer & CEO of Native Root Colombia 


Alcides is CEO of Native Root Colombia (Nasa company coffee our partner in Colombia). We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all that he does. You will never see Alcides without a smile! He is a joy to be around!

Alcides helps:
– harvest the coffee
– sort the coffee
– deliver the coffee to Bogota (8 hour drive)
– maintaining business operations
– adhering to Colombian law

Coffee farmer and the founder of Native Root Coffee

Ervin Liz

Ervin Liz, founder of Native Root Coffee, hails from the Nasa indigenous community at the Togoima reservation in Cauca, Colombia, and is a passionate third-generation coffee farmer. After studying abroad in Norway and the US, Ervin decided to dedicate his life to the coffee industry. In 2017, he founded Native Root, exporting specialty coffee from his indigenous reservation and selling it roasted to coffee lovers in Minneapolis. The company has since grown, continuously improving its processes. As partners in Colombia with 23 de Mayo Coffee, Ervin and Native Root are committed to coffee excellence and supporting the local community.

Entrepreneur and the Co-founder of 23deMayo coffee

Jose Miguel Rodriguez

Jose Miguel is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in marketing expertise, hailing from Colombia. With over 10 years of industry experience, he founded 23 de Mayo coffee during the pandemic. In 2022, he migrated to the United States with his wife and chose to continue the business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here, he imports coffee directly from the coffee farmers of the Nasa indigenous community at the Togoima reservation Cauca, Colombia.. Passionate about specialty coffee, Jose is dedicated to promoting social change through fair trade practices. By prioritizing fair payment and equity for coffee farmers, his main goal is to give recognition to the coffee farmers and their families while creating a sustainable and socially responsible coffee industry.

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