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TOGOIMA - Medium Roast - 8,8 Oz

TOGOIMA - Medium Roast - 8,8 Oz

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We source our coffee from the mountains of Colombia, specifically in the Páez Cauca region. This area is renowned for its high altitudes, diverse climates, fertile volcanic soils, and meticulous farming practices, making it an unparalleled location for coffee cultivation.

Our dark-roast Cafe 23 de Mayo is named TOGOIMA in honor of the reservation where our coffee is harvested by The Nasa indigenous community at the Togoima reservation - Cauca, Colombia.

Cafe 23 de Mayo TOGOIMA is distinguished by its bold flavor, caramelized notes, balanced acidity, substantial body, and lingering finish. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a cup of coffee with character and co

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